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Stocks Tracker for Android™

Track your stocks wherever you are. Pick your markets, build portfolio and always stay in touch. All in modern, clean and buttery smooth user interface.

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Lucid summary of stock prices.

Quick look and you know how are markets doing today. Clean design, that puts content forward.

Synchronize data between your devices

Have a phone as well as a tablet? Your stocks and portfolio will be seamlessly synchronized between devices. This also means your data are always backed up so you don't need to worry.

Interactive charts.

Inspect stock price history in several time intervals including intraday data. See how is price changing in every moment with tracking tool. Or draw with your finger right in the chart and share what you have found out. More tools and indicators are coming soon.


Keep an eye on your portfolio anywhere you are. Arrange your stocks in portfolio and immediatly see what are your gains or losses.

And much more...